Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gilly, Taylor, and Turtles

I have been rather busy with the ol' facebook crap lately. I was friend requested by Cheyennes Boyfriend, So I have been checking it out. He's a nice kid. But that ain't gonna sway me! I'm the crazy old man!

I have also started to call his High school football coach out to play the kid more. I'm sure my daughter just loves that!

Tomorrow its Taylor thank God, Or as my Jewish friend Greg would write than G_d, I'm happy for the kids that got thickets but OMG, I have never been beat up so bad for tickets. Here's the deal. US99 makes us buy our tickets. The station actually gave me two tickets to the show. I had an agreement with my last boss that the station at least cover my wife and kids for most shows. that seldom happens. Gina and the kids don't get off on the whole Radio, backstage thing. Thankfully. Its very overtated!

Gina is losing weight fast! she looks good! Now I have been in workout mode for many years. Lately she has been putting out junk food so I get fat. Her downfall is Fannie Mae turtles. The other day I bought home a box for her! Oh I can play games!
The box was gone in a half day!

Wow, Gregg Olsen joins us on the air this morning and guess's the Taylor clip. Than we take a listener to play and she blows it after we gave the answer? Listening is totally a skill!

Have a great day


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