Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

Really, the star of our show today Don Young, The farmer for Des Moines who took his 1658 lb pumpkin to California to win the state pumpkin weigh off. he won just under 10 grand! Last week Taylor Swift, this week Don Young,....Pumpkin man.

Taylor Swift, Wow what a show. My kids had the time of their life. If shes not the entertainer of the year, that will just prove what a racket this whole thing is! That was by far the biggest production of any show ever. She writes em' Sings em' and put on an elaborate show that surpasses any thing out there ever! And after all that she simply inspires young girls to feel good about themselves. That last thing, Is what makes me really love her. And her mother Andrea keeps it all in line. What a cool family. She deserves all she has!

Time to get up north and take mom and dads boat out of the water. I was there for vacation in the last weekend of Sept, and should have taken the pier and the boat out then but dad said no. Some I will be in 40 degree water (with waders) this weekend. Yay. Next year aluminium pier. easier to take out!

Take care


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