Friday, October 16, 2009

Ballon boy!

All i could think of yesterday was what would it be like if I had to tell my wife that my Boy was floating over the state in an out of control hot air balloon weather space ship thingy?

Wow, there i was glued to CNN and the Wolf Blitzer. My god I hope the boys OK, they go to the balloon-spacecraft-science experiment and no BOY!!! Oh o! the it turns serious,

Now we turn to a screen where some dude is speculating whether the spec under the balloon is a:

1, spot on the lens

2, A goose in the Colorado sky

3, a little boy falling from the Colorado sky. Oh CRAP what now?

Well turns out, as you might imagine its a crazy lunatic father who's a part time scienteiet-weatherman-wifeswapping-nutbagsac!

Was this whole drama a scam so this attention grabbing family can be back on the small screen? was John and Kate plus their crazy brude getting too much attention? In Ray Land we call this crew a bunch of D bags.

Now there video of the father letting the balloon go. What a tool. this guy needs to be let lose in what I would like to call a Steven Faucett special.

Turn off the TV!!! and tune in to Lisa and Ray! No that's not much better when you think about it!

I have to Run time to buy Liam a make it yourself spacecraft!



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