Monday, October 19, 2009

Man I got the wood!

I spent the weekend in the Wisconsin North woods Splitting wood and what we call "Pullin Piers".

Every year when the weather turns cold, and my sisters, and cabin germs who came up to use my parents place are as distant of a memory as the summer wind, ...Some thing happens. The boats, the water toy's and the piers that are used for tanning and beer drinking need to be taken out of the water.

Usually when this happens one man is left there wearing camo waders, almost always in the snow doing all the work. That one man is me. year after year after year its me. And I get help from my friend Joe who owns the County Flair Restaurant. Without Joe I couldn't get er done. He weighs 170lbs wet. But really is one of the strongest guys I know. Every year I say I'm gonna sell all this heavy crap and go green. I mean my kayak only weighs a hundred lbs. Only problem.....You cant cruise the lake with a bud and a brat and a crew full of my family's unruly off spring. It's a chore in the fall, but when it goes in in spring its awesome, Its a rite if you will,.... a passage of summertime fun to come! Just like opening day at the ball yard, But disapointing in the fall just like Chicago baseball!

After the Piers were pulled I had a chance to spilt some fire wood, Look at this picture! This will keep mom and dad warm for a few winters! I swear after this weekend I'm tired, and sore. (Think Johnny B does this stuff)

After all that, Mom and dads TV I gave them went out so I had to replace it. After 3 weeks of no TV up there I'm really surprised she didn't throw the old boy out. When he yells Hey Pat, I swear the coyotes show up!

I got pulled over in Wisconsin, When I was pulled over! I was on a HWY 51 on ramp(way over to the side with hazard flashers on) learning how to use my hands free feature on my phone, When a Wis Trooper pulled up to see if I was OK. I laughed, I even get pulled over for being pulled over! He was a nice guy. we talked about my truck for 20 minutes.

My crew is feeling better, But my sisters kids have the swine flu! OMG ! My sister looks ten years younger in that face mask!

Gov Pat wants to make tomorrow Tim McGraw day. What ever Patrick want Patrick gets!

Balloon Boys dad, What a tool! Stay tuned.

Bears Ugggg.

Have a great day


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