Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I had to laugh! usually Lisa gets all the good stuff, Been that way since she landed like a Gazell here at US99. But today I had to laugh when I heard her talking about Colonoscopie's and endorsing the procedure!, Me I talk about cool Toyota Tundra trucks! Tomorrow I will start endorsing a new product called Prostrate Protector!!! Ha just kidding.

Funny I say that I bought Gina firewood for sweetest day (true story) and I get calls from concerned peeps saying that I need to beware of the Emerald Ash Bore. You know, I would expect that I would get more calls that I actually got her wood for the big day! She says she really likes my wood!

Everyone is buzzing about Kyle Orton being 6-0 in Denver, Who cares

And Viking fans your team is awesome! I smell another Superbowl loss!

Oh I think I need a colon check!

My Balloon boy costume is ready! I don't know how I'm going to get Conner into the Joe's party?, That could spell an arrest and a protest or two.

We have listeners in line (stated at 10 last night ) for Tim McGraw. I love the passion of the fans but why would any one do this (OK I its Jesus there an exception but that's the only one!)

Thats the shallow observations of a shallow mind of the deepend for today!


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