Thursday, October 22, 2009

let us unearth the mysteries of who goes to what at US99...

Funny today there was a caller who wondered why I wasn't at Tim McGraw last night! She was an awesome caller, lots of energy and fun the kind of stuff that make the Ray mans job easy. She was quick to point out that "Lisa was there" where were you?

Well there's a few answers to that question

1. And the most important. My kids. I owe it to them to be home.

2. I was at Tim McGraw Tuesday.

3. The woman who called and asked where I was was actually there using tickets that she got from a friend of mine, Now may ask how that works? she is a good friend of Kim Cook the woman who is the brain trust behind the Pink Ribbon clcylist's, That's the big fundraiser I do raise money for the breast cancer research center at Rush. Kim and I are on the board of directors for the charity. The woman who got the tickets donates a lot of money. So there's the answer to that little question. (bets shes gald I gave up my tickets now)

4 most my free time goes to charity, I love the station events, But there's no way I want to be at all of them. My boss Dave "Rockin" Robbins and I agree that we would be out seven nights a week if we wanted too! but we don't. I cant be out every night (some people choose to run hard that work at the station) I kike to take care of myself. "The night life it ain't no good life and it ain't my life"

5 I'm sure the divine one handled like the pro she is.

And there ya have it. a slight peek into the living breathing organism that is US99, there's enough of us to do all the stuff!

Random Ray

Our new PD Billy is my new face book friend! Yay!

My 6 year old is one of Bin Ladens crew.

the guys in the Browns chicken murders should be fried, Just like the Chicken &*^% scum they are.

Gina's looking awesome. Shes on a workout kick, and has beautiful green eyes.

today I felt like "Astro boy"!

I miss Dale Sr.

whats with Barackstars health plan? why hasn't it past yet?

Mark Gaurino from the Sun Times is a sissy.

Have a GREAT night!


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