Monday, October 26, 2009

Thats a Pumpkin to be proud of!

Ah its that time of year again, The ritual, The rite if you will. When we turn over butcher knifes to our 6 and 11 year olds and let them loose on the orange squash. Yesterday my kids handled the Chicago Cutlery with precision skill that would have made our neighbor Dr Gregg The surgeon proud!

There they were in there luminescent splendor, The Jack-o-lanterns. all proudly displayed on the fireplace, Intermingled were Conner and Cassie's Pumpkins, all lit up, and there for the little ones to admire. Its a loving secne until one of them touches the other, than ya better grab the knifes cuz its on! God their funny, and it will remain that way until one of them has to wear an eye patch

Happy Birthday to the kids momma, My Bride G, I wont say how old she is. But shes a lot younger than me!

5 cords of wood split up north. I cant tell you how tired I was after this! Riding a bike for 5 days on that cancer ride and over 400 Miles cant even compare!

Oil over 80 buck a barrel, Why isn't anyone accusing the president of helping his oil buddies like they did to the last guy? Hmmmmm

Ok here we go, No sugarcoating it the Bears just sucked yesterday! wow they were bad. Don't blame Jay Cutler! I cant believe the morons who say bring back Orton, Trust me Randy Orton could Quarterback that team! But don't blame Cutler! The team is banged up. Do we miss #54 yet? Also remember that the team is hurtin! who would have thought it would have been this bad! And Lovie ain't going nowhere, Hes a good coach!

have a good weekend, Bears win next week, and take the Packers at home!


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