Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brad is Hairy just ask Carrie!

I spoke with Ms Underwood today, She's in love, She got a new album, Yada Yada....I did get her to say that she recently ate Chicken (by mistake) Shes a veggie. We did have a moment of silence for the Chicken.

Hey a nice find on Vintage sleds last night, Actually this was on for a few days its a sweet 1976 RV 250 Ski-Doo. I already have one that I paid too much for. This one makes up for that. If you kind of lost on old sleds and why I mess with them here ya go. I can make this thing like brand new and get a ton of joy just goofing and riding it. It cost 950 bucks. New ones are over 8000.00 and now ya get it don't cha!

Andre Agassi admits playing tennis while on Crystal Meth? wow I cant drive a car after a Tylenol. Now that talent.

Note to some of the TV Peeps in Chicago, Since the inception of HD, Some of you should get into radio!

Cool news for Ford! Moving up in reliability! Gina has a Ford Edge, Its really a nice car. The American automakers get a bad rap from Euro Loving car mags. Its bullshit.

Listen to the Carrie Underwood interview just go to the Ray on the radio portion of this here website.

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  1. I take it that it was where you found the RV?