Sunday, November 1, 2009

Its the time of the season!

Well were one day past Halloween and Disney channel is running Christmas stuff already!

Anyone watch that race from Talladega? When is NASCAR going to do something about plate racing? I didn't hear one driver say that today was fun, Im sure the #26 car dug it. But is that anyway to win with half the field wrecking behind you?

Back in the day before the COT these cars could run together but now its like as soon as you get next to another car it just gets loose. Ryan Newman was not happy. That was one hell of a wreck. Mark Martin was end over end as well, I like to watch hard racing, And I like a wreck or two as well. But someones is going to die at Talladgea.

Looks like good stuff for Ford with there new motor, They ran well today.

Congrats to my daughters Oswego Panthers on the big playoff win, Next week Providence.

Bears, They needed a convincing win vs the lowly Browns. They got it today! My player of the game has to be Daniel Manning.

Hey Green Bay looks like the stupid Farve funerals didn't do a damn bit of good. Don't get me wrong, Rodgers is a stud, and he's the Packs future But don't forget the guy that gave you all those good years!

Can anyone stop the Vikes? They will run away with the division, Perhaps even a Super Bowl, I hate to sound like a Cub fan But next year will be it for the bears I would guess a 9-7 wont get them in the playoffs.

Someone help Cutler! he's going to die behind that joke O line we have.

What happened to the future Hall of Famer Kyle Orton? 90 yards passing today? geee sure wish he was still here.

Take care


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