Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Were Comin' To Your Sit aye!

So our boss comes into the studio this morning and we talk of the ridiculous closing of Michigan av for the all great Omnipotent O. Oprah is closing down the street for her season premiere! Of course in the land of the ladies on the morning show this is a glorious event! at the mere mention of the divine "O" the angels come down and sing.

well that got me to thinkin' why not grab a US99 artist and come to your town? so that's what I'm going to try and do! Who knows who it might be ?but look for this to happen soon!

How is it that the son of a sheet metal worker can do a Monday morning race report and have it pro mt a phone call from the Vice President of the Bristol Motor Speedway? Rumors from a few listeners that called in after a trip to the classic fall race, said (allegedly) that tickets were being givin out and that the town was not as crowed as it usually is. I guess someone who listens to the show is buddies with the VP and called him. He had his assistant call and e-mail me to call him ASAP! Do you think Jerry Angelo of the Bears calls radio stations after someone says something about the Bears? Don't think so! But this is how NASCAR rolls, If I had NASCARS ear I would lower prices and do something about the COT quick!


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