Tuesday, September 8, 2009

If that makes me crazy!

O! The Oprah show! today is the big day in Chicago the streets are closed and the Op is ready to be the Diva she is and shut down our streets down. Its a joke. Whats wrong with a park? The Cell? the lake? why didn't she buy the sears tower? Its no secret that I think the Oprah show and its mystique are a joke.

And if that makes me crazy than I'm crazy.

You want Ray Ray fun? WWE Last night was awesome! we were arms length from DX and Randy Orton! it was sick! AJ Pirzinski from the beloved was there! Bob Barker Hosted it was your basic stupid Ray fun!

The crew last night was Cheyenne, Conman, and Gil my daughters "friend"
all good fun!

God this Oprah stuff is crap!

A little Ray shout out to the Back Country Roads band. Saw the band in Maple Park over the weekend. There young and need some time to polish the stage act but they can sing! Remember you heard about them here first!Good kids!

Have a good day

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