Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can you smell what the Sox have cookin?

Tonight the stars of the WWE head to the south side to hang with AJ and the Sox. I think I may have to take my boy! We were at the WWE event and he was nuts. Well today I find out that one of his wrastlin favs "Hornswaggle" who's a little guy that lives under the ring will be there! What can be better than the WWE and the White Sox!

I don't get the hype that is Oprah. But it puts our city front and center on her show Thursday, I don't think we would have a whole lot in common but we both love Chicago and that's a good thing!

Did your kids watch the Pres? I'm more right than left, (but Pat Quinn who's a dem has my loyalty and support) But really? parents worried about what Obama is is going to tell our kids c'mon! Time to support this guy, its a pep speech for the love of God!


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