Thursday, November 5, 2009

Men are from mars.......

Funny I seem to do a lot of TV, little hits on the news for my charity causes every now and then. Never big on make up. But the Divine one....That's a whole different story. Today were cutting a promo for ABC to run for 20 seconds. Providing there isn't some big news story that bumps us.

So this morning we roll in the makeup cart that, Is basically the size of a nascar pit box.... The thing here is its a lot of money and the implied thing here is I pick up the tip for the chick (who is Rosanne Barrs twin )who tell me my face is too red, whatever.

Lisa will have lashes put on one by one....make up layered on... all dolled up for a 20 second shot. Now the deal with me is 20 seconds of powder and I'm gonna get the tip? I don't think so. It is what it is with me I can put powder on.

I guess my lashes wont POP!

stay tuned were going to be on ABC 7 Pre and post CMA's Look for me I will be the one with the greasy face and bad lashes!


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