Friday, November 6, 2009

My personal website my views on Fort Hood.

How can it happen, that a guy in the military, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, whatever religion can post crazy crap on the Internet? This guy clearly stated that he wanted to commit mass bombings. He disagreed with the very mission of the US Military. Yet he went undetected?

If you and I posted crazy stuff what do you think would happen to us? I guarantee you were be questioned an hour after we post it.

Now mind you this is a psychiatrist that is supposed to be helping the brave men and women of our armed forces?

How does this happen? I'm so sick of where we are in the world, How does this POS, not even born here draw a paycheck on your and my taxes?

He was a devout Muslim, How appropriate that a woman took him down!

My prayers are with the believers in the American way of life. My prayers are with the family's of those lost and those that are recovering.

My Religion taught me to forgive. I cant to this for a person that would do such a thing.

As the late great Paul Harvey used to say " it's not one world" Don't think for a minute that our would will unite will a more "clear and open dialogue"

Prayers to the US military service members past and present.


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  1. Ray well put!!!!! my heart and prayers go out to the wounded and families of those lost in this tragic event!! but yet we are not supposed to profile!!!B.S.!!!!! I say!!!!