Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanks Daddy!

Those two words make me smile. The only ones that are better are the three that end in You! I received a text message from Cheyenne that said thanks for the trip to Nashville and how much she appreciates what we do together!

She was my date for the CMA's this year. It was so fun to be able to take her. She has grown up with this station. And you the listeners have been there to listen to me as she grows up. It was cool to just be there and watch Taylor Thur her eyes. If I don't have her I would be like every other early forty country listener that's a Taylor hater. But listen to Taylor Thru the soul of a fifteen year old and shes suddenly the Beetles, Floyd. Zeppelin, Strait you name it!

Funny how what ever, "our" opinion is. Seems to be the truth at least to "us"! Trust me theirs not a single woman under the age of 20 that thinks Taylor shouldn't have won!

It was a good show, The party's were lame. But my company was awesome. Lisa and I can have fun we ever we go. Shes the bold one on the air, I'm the bold one in person trust me when I say we can talk our way into anything! We were not invited to the "cool" party's but to the surprise of those that were at the cool party's we showed up!

Thanks to you the listener, for allowing us to be part of your morning. and remember you put the U in US99.



  1. These are the things she will take with her forever.

  2. Cheyenne is a lucky girl to have an awesome dad. I also have a little girl name Sheyenne she is 41/2 years old.

    Maria Lathrop

  3. You crack me up when you talk about Cheyenne. I, too, have a 15 year old cheerleader daughter (Lockport Township High School). Many of the things you talk about are the same things that my daughter, Gianna, and her father go through. I feel sorry for the boys that date these girls!