Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I always loved Johnny B!

I think my affection for Brandmier goes back to 1982 when my High school girlfriend said "you have to hear this guy"! I had heard Johnny before when he was out in Phoenix, He called the valley of the sun "the valley of the loons" and as a visitor to Scottsdale I was witness to a promotion where Johnny had thousands of people show up with underwear on their heads! His radio antics are part of my childhood and as a person in Chicago radio he is still the "man"

He did not have his "contact renewed" by the Loop. That's a nice way of saying "your fired" Don't feel bad for Johnny he is set, He made a ton of money. Trust me when I tell you not everyone makes that kind of "morning money", I don't begrudge him I would take the money too! My Friend John Howell always said that we were foundry workers, We made a good living but not anywhere near that!

Johnny will be back on Chicago radio in no time! He has earned it!

In retrospect its a lot easier for a million dollar earner to lose his gig than most of the 10% of Americans that are out of work right now, But getting fired sucks no matter who you are or what you make!

Looks like some snow tomorrow, Snomo race season is almost here and I'm nowhere close to being ready. My sled is in Thief River Falls Mn, The pipes are make and the motor is almost done, But I need to fit the seat, and get the suspension dialed in. Actually I just have to have the Goodwin Perf boys do it! If you have a sled these are the guys to tweak it, 847-872-4001!

Tiger! Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.! The boys and I always say after 2 someones gonna lost half a house! Stay tuned!, Perhaps he can get a mulligan! or he may have to start from scratch!

Take care


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