Friday, December 4, 2009

Whoo Hooo!

Well I'm the winner of the US99 Snow cast competition! and the winner of the Chicago Sun times media challenge? Its been a great year! (Ii kills Lisa to loose! hee hee)

That and 50 cents will get you a Chicago Sun times!

Here are the new sleds for the 2010 season! big time Iron, The Yellow one is actually my 08 its just a small 600, Not very fast and all stock! I swear, and it must be a 600. That's what the sticker on the side says!

The white one is Ski-Doos 2010 MXZX800RS. Its the Big Dog daddy of the Hyper trail sleds this year.

As you can tell I'm ready for winter.

This picture is a really cool Northern Wisconsin sunset from Thanksgiving. There should be Ice on the lake but as Al Gore would say its the damm global warming!

Congrats to Conner last night! It was his first concert as a trumpeter! He was awesome and his Uncle John Howell would have been proud!

Have a great weekend. And erase the text messages!



  1. I Hate the Damn Bears they SUCK

  2. Love the posts! Whats with e the idiot Bear hater, who cares about the bears? I love a moron who posts something that has nothing to do with the blog. Tool.