Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Blacker Than Barack, Really?

Blogo is at it again!! Wow the cameras and the press were once again huddled up outside his house where he said last night (17 times) that what he said was stupid. Now I don't think he's raciest by any means but what a stupid thing to say. But again its Hot Rod!

btw Rod is also doing Elvis impersonations, I will try and post a number where you can hire him soon.

Talked with Jake the bachelor today, This guy has as much game in dating as I do on the basketball court.

Eagle River Wisconsin, Our weekend trip is Feb 19th 20th 21st, were staying at Wild Eagle lodge, Renting sleds and the accommodations you choose are up to you, stay tuned I will have some local pubs where we can all catch up.

Robert Wagner joining us this morning....I thought he was dead.

More men in 2010?.....date Bonnie Green! c'mon someone!!! please? anyone? .....Is this thing on?

Lisa, Bonnie, and Kosty going out for our annual new years lunch. If you would like to go in my place I will pay good money!

Have a great day


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