Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yay its the new year!

Again it the same Ol' Lang signe!(sp?) It time to do the unthinkable, the almost impossible....Its time to get Bonnie Green a date. I guess my question to why we do this is why? Same reason why people stop to look at accidents on the Dan Ryan. To see the fallout, the carnage, To see if anyone survives. Stay tuned.

Spent the holiday up north with the Mrs and the kiddies, Snowmobiling sledding eating and just layin low. I don't think I put 100 miles on the new sled. I used to worry about miles and how much I rode. Not anymore, I did watch Conner and Cassie ride around the yard hundreds of time. Now that was fun!

this weekend its back to the notrhland for the races at Eagle River, I wanted to race there but my Moto Ski vintage sled is not ready yet. Nor is the driver. I need to get some practice in on this thing at some farm ponds and smaller tracks.

How bout that Bears news, Fired everyone but Lovie? Just fire the owners!

Congrats to Gregg Olsen and Robbie Gould on another great year!

Make it a great new year!


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