Thursday, December 17, 2009

And the hits just keep a comin!

Kellie Pickler is a riot! Some truck driver called in and said I was out of mind sitting next to her, Allow me to explain, My affection for her is that she deserves to do well. She has had a life that none of us would have envied before American Idol, Now shes had a little success. I want her to have more. Shes a sweet soul, The affection I have for her is like that I have for my kids. You want good things for good people!

Talking with George Strait, Does it get any better than that? He really just called to say Merry Christmas. He talked about hanging with Buffet, Jackson, Dean Dillion, and his new favorite songwriter his son Bubba, Listen to the interview right here on my website.

Funny video, Not for kids! look up Johhny Brandmeiers video on You tube (I'm a fan)

Lisa Christmas tree fell down. Yesterday while shopping (gander mtn) I picked her up the collectors edition of the 2009 NASCAR collection. God I'm the perfect man!

Have a great day


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