Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Crazy world!

Hedi Montag, Has had 10 plastic surgery's. But during an interview she says "Its not like I had 10 plastic surgery's" Here's your sign!

South side man bite off Chicago police officers nipple.

Chicago Police officer Threatens cabbie with gun over fare.

Page two

Chicago white Sox turn start time back to 7:10 due to the fact that 7-11 didn't buy the sponsorship this year!

Why in the hell are the infamous Whit House party crashers testifying in front of congress? Isn't that the "Peoples house" as Mr Obama calls it? And if you could get into a party at the white house would you go? Takes a big pair (I wouldn't do it!) But cant we use this as a "Teachable moment" and cant they all just have a been on the south lawn?

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