Friday, January 29, 2010

Gotta love the haters!

Funny how the Toyota recall is coming back to me:

Got a few calls this morning of listeners that cant articulate into word's their disdain that I drive a Toyota through my job.

Bottom line is this, Toyota has a quality product. Its not my fault that greedy unions and inferior products killed Detroit.

Toyota has been a partner with US99 and me for 3 years, That's how I feed my family. Its how business gets done. And I have to say I love their truck. I love their customer service. I love that this is a recall that Toyota did on their own accord.

When I drove my Ford power stoke, and the International built engine broke 3 turbos in 3 years before there was a recall,.... I still drove it.

When My wife had to have the Firestone tires replaced on one of our Explorers we had them changed, no big deal.

There's now a recall on Gina's escape that has to do with the brake system, My Ford dealer will fix it.

But here's where the problem is with Toyota: They have kicked the US's auto making ass for a long time. So now there's chink in the armor. Hey game on its what we do when someone messes up we watch and hope they fail! Ask Obama.

For me the bottom line is this, and a little advise Toyota stocks fell to a seven year low yesterday. Yet this year they will be Americas # 1 selling car. you do the math, My guy always says buy low. I'm buying!

And if you hate me for driving a Toyota here's a quarter



  1. GO FORD ! I don't need your quarter. Toyota has little integrity... they denied this issue for months and only admitted it due to pressure from the Highway Safety Commission. I wouldn't drive one if it was free!!!

  2. Hey your a jackass! (anonymous) person! You know dam well toyota will always be better than that piece of shit ford! sorry for the bad language ray!

  3. QUARTER??????what can you get for a quarter anymore!!!!MAYBE on of Joe Minados plastic spiders????