Friday, February 5, 2010

Government Motors and Obama killing Toyota?

So lets look at this "Recall" and think about how this is really going to effect you and me in this swell of big Government.

First, Disclosure: I get paid to drive my Tundra. Do I have to drive it? No, It was my choice to endorse Toyota and the Tundra. (and yes the radio station loves the revenue it generates) I used to do the same for Ford and Chevy in the past. I will be honest here. Do think it was a risk to drive a foreign car on a Country station? It was a HUGE risk.... I mean were "Americas country station by God!"

But here's my deal I have had 5 Tundras over the past 3 years. I HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM! None!

Is there a problem with sticking gas pedals? I don't know I'm not an expert, But I do know this. This recall was voluntary on Toyota's part.

Now enter the Obama administration, And Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood saying "don't drive your Toyota's? Really? pretty broad sweeping statement.

These are the thoughts of Lil old Ray here: Never one for a conspiracy theory, But it sure seems to me Like a politically driven perfect storm.

Fact is Toyota's never been a favorite of the left due to the fact there mostly no union workers. and there not necessarily a favorite of the powerful UAW.

The next thing I would question is the fact the the US owns Government motors and Chrysler and the Prez wants his money back so the bailout can work. Do you think its a coincidence that all of the sudden the # 1 car maker in the world is now a target?

I don't. I have no interest in how any of this plays out. Trust me when I tell you if Toyota took their deal from me there would be another one on down the road. But my interest is in the friendships I have made with a ton of Americans who work for Toyota.

If this can happen to Toyota it can happen to anyone. Trust me I want the US Auto industry to do well, I own a Hummer H-2 and a Ford Edge. But this recall is a little more than Ray La Hood in a grassy knoll than you may think.



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