Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If your heading North.

This may be the week to stay home, Rumors are some of the whacked out listeners are set to meet Lisa and Bonnie in flannel speedos.

I will need a week off after this trip, Always fun to put people who don't have a clue on snowmobiles. I'm going to point them towards the UP and head the other way.

Bonnie's dogs name, I cant believe the calls we get! I have dubbed the dog "Jackass"

Evan Lysacek is a killer figure skater from Naperville (skating should never be done without a stick) the outfit was put together by US99 Afternoos soup a star Drew Walker!

Evan Bayh, Bye! Its getting good!

Bodie Miller gets a bronze, While smoking weed!

Is it me? Betty Maltese did her time, Shes broke. Leave her alone.

Hvae a good day


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