Monday, May 10, 2010

The calender says its May

Spent most the weekend working on.....Snowmobiles. I know its crazy but before you know it I will be busy with all sorts of summer stuff so I need to get this stuff done so I can be ready for winter!!

here's a picture on my latest project this is a 1978 Ski-Doo sno-Pro, Not too many of these around anymore. This was found in a garage I'm Menominee Falls Wisconsin, It was in boxes. Junk, Gina laughed when I brought it home.

Who laughing now???


  1. Having seen all your sleds, this doesn't surprise me. It's awesome. How many sleds are you up to? Is this sled for show or for racing? When are you going to add a Yamaha to that collection?

  2. 23 sleds, I sold a 79 SRX last year, If I buy another it will be the best of all the Yamaha SSR SNO-PRO sled.