Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Glee ain't for mee!

I'm not always in on the process of what makes our morning show every day, my gear head buddies, Construction buddies and just plain old men's men don't always get how the show runs.

Here's the deal boys...The show is set up for the ladies!!! that's why we talk Glee, a show I have never once seen. Nor do I care too. I watch the news, Speed, Racing re runs, and the News. I will admit that on many occasions my channel surfing takes me to Univision. Yes Univision, That's where one of my favorite program airs its called Bella Latina. m not sure what its about but man the girls are beautiful!

In Ray Ray land were talking to James Bubba Stewart, Tony Stewart, and never ever Martha Stewart.

The show is like my home life, All for the love of a woman!

Oops have to go, Mary harts on the phone time to talk a little Jon and Kate plus 8



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