Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Everyone relax the Gulf will be fine!

I love that tonight Barackstar will take to the airwaves to declare that gulf seafood is "fine to eat" That the Gulf will be "even better than before" Really? how you gonna do this oh great one?

Interesting how lax this adminbstration was to respond the graetest enviromental catstophie of our lifetime. By the time this is over the Exxon Valdeeze will look the the oil removed from my face at 16 on a strydix pad.

Its not Baracks fault that this happend but this is how he will be judged. Its the same thing that happednd to G Dub with how he handled things post 911. All of the sudden its time to grow up in this young presidency.

Now I cant wait to hear how he's going hold BP acountable. He will say that payment to those effected will be expidited in the gulf. That we are going to get through this. Fact is if we hold BP accountable they will fold, Go up in flames like the oil rig itself, Than who pays? You and me baby,

Remember this is a nation of people who cry when we rescue a 16 year old girl form her sail boat. We say whos gonna pay for this? were out raged that some one could let this happen. Where were the parents? how could they do this.

Well Mr President where is our government? How could we let this happen? who Gonna pay for this?

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  1. soo true haha. In our family we call him 'the savior' seriously he's not doing anything. Im only fourteen and hes making me mad!