Saturday, July 24, 2010

Biking for Breast Cancer!

Yesterday we finished the bike ride I do every year for breast cancer. It was a wild ride from Sheyboygan Wi to Gils Rock in the tip of the Door county peninsula all the way back down to Chicago.

day one started with a easy ride and hills, and a bike rider we came across seriously injured in a nasty wipe out, this bike riding thing can get kinda brutal when you don't wear a helmet. (wear a freakin helmet!) we loaded him up into a pickup truck and got him to the ambulance, I'm sure hes fine. nothing some stitches and a few months of healing a broken rib wont take care of.

days two and three were long, in the 90 to 100 mile range, this year Kim that put on the ride took on a few more riders, Joel and Earl both had personal reasons for riding and raising money and both were awesome riders. these guys killed in the hills and were fast on the flats. just like the guy the rode with!

day four was rain and the worst flooding Milwaukee has every seen, I feel bad for those who have Had to endure such harsh flooding this year. You would have to be there to see what it did to this town, I wonder when Nashville will do the relief concert for our friends to the north?

Day five could not have ended fast enough. We picked up my friend Gregg Olsen (#82 tight end Chicago Bears) who agreed to do the ride back in May. Gregg's a riot. When you hang with him you forget his just a young man, I would say kid, But I don't think he likes that. His Mom overcame breast cancer last year, and for several years he has put on his "Shake the lake concert" it raises a ton of money for various cancer projects. Hes a great guy with a big heart, and hes just fun to have around. He rode the last 30 miles and he now knows why bikers were the tight shorts that look funny.

We all rode to Rush university medical center, where Governor Pat Quinn proclaimed it Pink Ribbon Cyclist day, It was cool, Pats really a good guy. He has my vote and I'm pretty much always been on the other side of the aslie! say a prayer for this guy he has his hand really full! the Star of the day was Kim Cook who started raising money and this ride several years ago, I'm sure she took that proclamation home and hung it on the wall!

thanks to all who donated, and to you that fight this brutal cancer the Doctors at Rush are working hard for you!



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  1. It was a great ride with great people. Our cyclists were pedaling hard through the all the elements Mother Nature had to offer and our SAG drivers were keeping us fueled up and safe along the way. The support of people at RUSH, Governor Quinn, Gregg Olson, our cyclists and SAG group and my family and friends made it a moment in time I will never forget. I would ride forever to put an end to breast cancer. My heart goes out to all breast cancer patients and their families, they are the "Tough" ones. Ray, thank you for all you have done to support our 2010 ride, you are an incredible cyclist and a great guy. Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and support along the way. Thanks for being "Linked in Pink"