Friday, September 17, 2010

Who's your daddy!

That's what my kids have been saying for the past several months as I have squander my time on stupid snowmobiles. My wife is really a saint as I spend hours on sleds that I have resurrected form shit piles all over North America.

This weekend I will head North to Eagle River to take part in the "reunion" show. That's where a bunch of guy's who love old snowmobiles hang around and try and look cool. Its a fun weekend to get up north and see the fall colors and see some cool old sleds.

The sleds that Im showing this weekend are two that I have spent a ton of time,.. and a considerable pile of money on.

Its funny how these shows are, You never know who will judge the shows and if they even know what they are looking at, and some of the judges are jealous of what ya have so you dont have a chance. The reason I do this is so I can remeber the sled I used to ride, Not so I can get some cheap trophy!

Im heading up to see mom and dad as well so no matter what it will be a great weekend I will check back Monday to let you know haow it went!

Good Luck to the Oswego Panthers! and my baby Cheyenne!! Conner has football, and cassie is just plaincute!

Have a great weekend.


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