Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hail to the Chief!

How weired is it that a C student from West Chicago can be asked to meet the President of the United States?

Got a call on Tuesday to meet President Obama as he exits Air Force one on Saturday. I think its funny that the PR machine for the Dems knows our little radio show is pretty mass appeal, and if we meet the Prez were gonna talk about it and hence the folks on the left get a little boost.

Now most of you know I'm pretty much right down the middle not too far to the left or right, Like most of us I think we all just trying to live our life's, get our kids thru school and hopefully have a few years to kick back after we have worked to damm long.

I will admit I voted for Mc Cain, call me crazy but I like the Bush era tax cuts. I think we should all be able to keep a little of the cash we have worked for, Dont get me wrong I think we need to pay taxes, but how about a flat rate?

Now bullshit politics aside, How do you miss this event? I don't dislike Barack I think he just like G-Dub inherited a mess. Hes going to do what he thinks is best and I will support the Office.

I will Go Saturday and post the photo here Monday! I mean how many chances does a kid C student from West Chicago get to meet the POTUS?

Pretty cool!

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  1. HI Ray, Dr. Eugene Lipov from the PTSD Institute referred me to you. Can you direct me who takes care of the PSA's for the station? I can be reached at 224-698-2700.We are having an OPEN HOuse and open questions on PTSD Dec 9th 7-9pm 2260 west Higgins, Governors Place Hoffman estates, Il Any suggestions to get the word to our soldiers would help. I have 3 sons currently serving. I had too met Senator McCain 4 weeks ago here with Congressman Kirk, it is wild .
    Thank you,
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