Monday, January 3, 2011

Ramblin Rolls to Ironwood win!

C'mon man

those the words of my buddie and teamate TJ Patrick after the first race weekend in Ironwood Michigan. It was the beast of times and the worst of times....

This is TJ's return to the Ice oval, Our deal was that I would finance his ride if he would do the build, I huge overtaking to build two race sleds from nothing. This guy has his heart and soul into these things. Me....I just have money.

So he was all set to drive his 340 back to prominenece, and we tested all week to get it ready, From the time we took this thing off the trailer we had problems. I lost count at how many times he rebuilt the motor. End result? TJ never made the finals on Sunday.

The good?

The Ramblin'Raycing 250 IFS was rollin' I always said if we lost a race it would be from lack of talent on the drivers behalf (that would be me)I ran pretty good in the quuilifing races with two seconds behind my friend Brent Miller, This kid is smooth and fast and has no family to provide for (thats makes him 5mph faster right there)all in all I thought if I could just run top 3 it would be a great weekend.

Well in the 250 X final, I get the hole shot and lead into turn one, But that lasts for a half second untill Brent outdrives me and I follow for a lap. Im right there with him down the back when his motor blows! Than Im in the lead and it dawns on me that I could win this thing.

Funny thing about the guys I race with is they will race you hard, But they will also cheer you on, As the #311 sat in turn 4, Brent was waving his arm like a nut to tell me to run hard cuz one the the Clark Motorsports guys were right behind me! as I came down to take the cjeckered I get passed by the Neuman #54, Than I just hit the gas and drove to the win.

It was an awesome day, One of the best ever. next week we do it again.



  1. Great job Ray never give up at least someone from Illinois had some good luck this weekend . We on the other hand are struggling with our holeshot start. Hope to see you at a race this year.

    Sterne Racing # 220

  2. Next week the Miller kid will eat you for lunch!