Monday, January 24, 2011

I hate to say I told you so.

Heres my problem of being a Bears fan:

1) I have friends that play for the team. Sometimes that makes it hard for me to be an "honest" fan. Yes I said on the air that the Bears would not win more than one game in the playoffs, Trust me Robbie Gould hated that so much that he accuses me of having a "relationship" with Aaron Rodgers. But I also have to be honest. The Packers have a better team and a better coach. Doesn't mean I choose them over the beloved Bears, Just means if you really follow the game you know the Bears were outmatched and out coached.

As you know I have a ton of friends from up North, I love the state of Wisconsin, For years we joke about how great Illinois is, Really our state is broke, and we laugh at them? The second problem is that for the rest of my life this game will be rubbed in my face, and if your a Bear fan you know what your in for! this is the game that we will be hearing about for 40 years. Do the players care like we the fans do?

The fact is the Bears are a few players away, Help Cutler out, He got killed this year most sacked QB in the league. I hate to say it but there's next year! The future is bright!

Now get ready for an off season of what about Jay, and Fire Lovie,This after all is Chicago football! Let the second guessing begin, In this town its an art form!

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