Friday, February 4, 2011

Brings me back to when I was a kid!

Funny how snow does something for the spirit, When I was a kid I lived for snow days, I loved it. I think its due to the fact my dad would let me ride our old Ski-Doo around and around the house, It drove my mom nuts as well as the neighbors.

Now some say I have an obsession with sleds, and I would agree. I live for the winter and I still love to ride in circles, Although these days it a little faster, and there are more guys riding in circles with me. And I still love snow days. My best memories of the winter are of my Dad and Me always in search of snow, Driving hours upon hours looking for that elusive ride in winters where snow was scarce.

My dad worked his butt off so we could always have fun, He worked 6 days a week ,working sheet metal so I could stay home and goof off, and when ever I would wreck one he would fix it right up (after a little grumbling) some would say I was spoiled, But I would disagree, He taught me the value of ownership with the sleds. And know that it took money to do the things I loved I would have to work my a@# off. I always took care of our fish equipment, always washed his trucks, Kept his shop cleaned up, That's what he taught me respect for what we had. It kept me out of trouble, (6 kids i grew up with all did hard time) I always had cool stuff but I always busted my tail for it, So when people question my talking about toys I will back them down faster than my bosses when I ask for a raise.

Bottom line is this, This awesome winter weekend I will be out on the Ice going in circles, Making memory's with my buddies, and going back to work on Monday so I can fuel my need for speed. With every turn I will try and turn a faster lap. And win or lose at the end of the race some in a smile under that carbon fiber helmet there will be a smile and a radio voice that will utter a "thanks dad" although no one will hear it I think he knows.

Enjoy this weather don't curse it!


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