Monday, January 31, 2011

Better get the bread, Milk and a shovel!

Blizzard warning!

How often do we here that? You know how this town gets when we get a few inches of snow, What the heck are we in for this week?

Looking at the radar theres no way this misses us, My Buddie Amy Freeze says anywhere from 12 to 20"! That will close a school or two, and it will shut down airports, Gonna be fun to see all the TV stations with the camera trucks on the over passes with up to the minute snow totals, Remember in this town mayors get elected or don't, When we can handle a major storm!! gonna be fun!

Sharpe, Win the MVP at the NHL all star game pretty good stuff, Almost as enjoyable as Clay Atkin sing the National Anthem, C'mon man this is hockey! How about Jim Conielison?, whats next Johnny Weier playing goaltender? Adam Burish in a feather boa?

Have a good week and remember, Fill up the car, Charge the cell phone, get bread, Milk, Toilet paper, battery's, Its a storm in Chicago. I love how this town acts over a storm! Its not like where in the middle of Montana!



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