Friday, July 15, 2011


As you may or may not now I love snowmobiles and I race. A lot of my buddies race motocross in the summer, They race cars, Run, Bike , Swim, Do things that can cause injury, Sometimes death.

Over the past weekend a Buddie of mines kid was in a serious MX crash, He was jumping a "Double" in Lake Mills Wisconsin and landed it short, The impact nearly killed him, He was flown via flight for life to UW Madison, There was thought of taking him to Milwaukee but they didn't have the time.

8 broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a spinal cord injury, As you may imagine the last injury is the one of the most concern, As for know he cant move below the waist and in the course of an instant life has changed.

The saddest part is the kid is golden, tall, good looking, well mannered, and as nice of a 19 year old kid you could ever meet. I'm told we are never given a challenge we cant over come, And the kid is in good spirits,

If you have kids, and they do extreme sports its up to you to get them the proper safety equipment, especially a neck brace, I wear a brace made by Alpine Stars.

I'm planning a benefit for this kid soon so stayed tuned, In the meantime some prayers for Garret Goodwin are in order.


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