Thursday, September 29, 2011

He will always be "Sweetness"

There's a new book called  "Sweetness The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton"

In this book we won't hear of the Walter much of Chicago knew, The Walter helping Kids, Coaching at Hoffman Estates High School for free (Basketball) Or the Walter that was just a good stand up guy.

Were going to hear that he had problems like everyone else, That his life wasn't perfect, That he had a girlfriend, he used painkillers, drove his cars to fast and got into a few road rage incidents. Hell I think this could be about any guy in my neighborhood.

I loved Walter, I cried when he died, I was sad when he didn't score a touch down in the superbowl a fact that will haunt Mike Ditka forever.

The Walter I know and remember is the one that has his arm stuck out like a weapon battering opponents, The one that my my son has on his wall in his bedroom (its one of those fathead things) My son was born the year Walter died but he knows more about him than any other player, #54 is a close second. This is a guy so respected that Lambeau Field gave him a standing ovation on more than one occasion.

Did anyone think he was an angel?  I love the fact that got out of his car to kick the shit out of a guy who road raged him, I like that he wasn't perfect, Gives all of us mere mortals a chance to relate to him a little more.

I wont buy the book, One because he did more good than bad, And two because I don't read! But in this day and age of thugs in sports, Guys with guns and linebackers that get away with murder, Im pretty sure this book  wont tarnish his reputation too much.

He was the trinity of football, He could catch, Run and lay a block on anyone.

Rest in peace Sweetness Chicago knows you for you touchdowns not your transgressions.


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