Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When Men were Men.

Its funny how I make a living and how I spend my free time. My co-workers are a different breed than the guys I would normally choose to hang out with, They wear suits, make big deals, run 100 million dollar radio and 400 million dollar TV stations.

The guys I hang out with are salt of the earth, Most hardworking guys that use their hands to make a living, The kind of guy that would always have your back, Its not to say they work harder than the suits in the world its just different.

 I suppose I should also qualify my statement here with this: my real world hangout guys all mostly live in rural America.

My thoughts as I sat down to type this blog was this, "Where have all the Cowboy's gone"? to quote a song.

In the past week I have dealt with guys that I thought were good guys, the ones that had your back, But it seems to me in this world of Me Me Me, That the real men have disappeared, Is it face book? Is it hiding behind a keypad and acting like you have some kind of power? I'm not sure. But it seems no one can man up and its makes me want to puke.

Recently at a big concert in Chicago I had a manager explain to a client that, "although not always politically correct, Ray will never stab you in the back, HE will however stab you in the chest"

I paused and thought want a awesome compliment, What you see is what you get, What you hear is what you get, and that makes me proud, A lesson some of the guys I hang around with should learn, Or perhaps I should get new friends.



  1. That's the problem with people. They're pussies, their word doesn't mean anything. Like you said, they hide behind their computer screen and don't have to man up for what they say. I have very few select friends. My best friend is my cousin who you met when I bought your 06 rev 2 years ago. He let you drive his 70 k z06. So obviously something is wrong with him... Nobody is a real person these days. Well except Ray lol

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