Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Chill of an Early Fall.

I'm a George Strait fan and always will be, But Why great King, Why announce that your retiring and then do a two year tour?

I always thought once George did the song somewhere down in Texas that the end was near. A song that talk about his love for the lone star state, and how its time to go home, and "catch up on his chores, watch the sunset on the porch"

I dig the fact that Randy Rodgers another Texas red dirt singer will open for George, and that Martina McBride is on the bill as well.

I will always know George as the best of the best, Class. and man what a singer, when we look back 50 years from now he will outshine even those that have gone before. George has sang about his hero's, Lefty, George, Willie, Waylon, Merle, and more. Fact is and no disrespect to all the great legends but George has out done them all.

When the the Mount Rushmore of Country is chisled out George will be on of the first on it.

Come to think of it George if you want to do a two year goodbye, Go ahead. Do whatever you want. You earned evry bit of it. Thanks for the songs, But most of all thanks for "Amarillo By Morning"

See you "Somewhere down In Texas"


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