Thursday, February 14, 2013

When you dont get a nomination for a ACM Award.

Yesterday the nominations for the ACMs were released, and just FYI, the name Ramblin Ray was absent OMG!!!!

Now don't get me wrong its been a great year, Tons of nominations and Lisa and Ray won awards and were nominated for a ton of stuff last year, And if your really know me you know the high light  of my life was winning the Eagle River race this year.

Radio is not a normal thing, These are not normal people, These are people that for the most part aim at the target on your back and hope they can get your gig,You know the type of person that silently hopes that sneeze turn into pneumonia..

But in every profession there is the exception to the rule, in mine that would be Trish Biondo. behind the scenes of any ones life there's a story, I wont go into details but I can honestly say I cut my teeth in Country music with her by my side. When I got fired from US99 in 2001, She was the only one who had enough time in her schedule to say lets go have lunch. The only one.

We have been though been  ups, downs, crazy co-workers and crazy bosses they are gone. Were still here.

This has been a rough year for Trish, When you watch you buddies struggle its tough. And these are not silly work things its life. I haven't seen Pat and Pete in awhile but she (mom B) Know that shes in Eddie Haskells (her name for me) Prayers.

This woman wont waiver from her values, Will not do radio that she couldn't do in front of her parish (we do differ) and wont ever have to apologise for who she is.

So when I say that I'm happy for this person who has been in my life for over 20 years you know I mean it.

Congrats T!


  1. this is so great! I see why Trish teared up!
    (kelly, a listener & a St Tribs gal)

  2. Ray- Thanks for the prayers from Eddie Haskel. They have to be pretty powerful since he was shot three times as a cop in L.A and lived. Ma sure is grateful for them. Your kind letter on Trish was right on and appreciated she has been always a class act! Congrats on the ski doo win ol'man.
    Keep talking and well keep listening great job!
    Take care Ray- B.B