Friday, January 25, 2013

250 IFS World Champ!

UN real! but this year the Ramblin Rayce team pulls into Eagle River, Home of the Worlds Championship snowmobile derby. Now don't get me wrong, this is the Daytona of snowmobile races, Although I prefer Ironwood, and refer to that as my favorite track.
Winning at Eagle River is a big deal, It makes racers race hard, and sometimes stupid, All in the quest for the title name of "World Champion" and a silly looking trophy.
It was a wet warm and wild weekend that saw temperatures go from near 50 and rain to the teens and snow. It saw some of the most talented young racers end up in hospitals with year ending injury's. Injury's that make you say why am I doing this again?
The answer to that is simple, For a guy like me who has won CMA awards and numerous broadcast awards, This is something that you and your team win. You cross a line first and you win. Its not the opinion of someone sitting somewhere judging you. This is a pure win, and its won because of determination. Practice and set up.
The one thing I thought of as I crossed the line was how I got passed my nerves to win, How everything just sort of fell into place.
Than I thought of my kids, One an aspiring singer who can get up in front of 30,000 and sing the anthem. Or my 145 pound wrestling Son, how these kids have no fear. My fear is fear of failure the there's is just to kick ass. At my age I'm still winning, Not because I have anything to prove. Just that I want to show my babies there not alone, and we are the only ones standing in the way of success.

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