Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Andrew Shaw, Shoots and he scores!

He goes by the name of "Neck brace Nick" and as far as kids go hes as good as it gets. Yes I brag, I can do that its my website.

My kid was hurt due to a lack of intelligence in a wrestling room, That's as far as I will go with that story for right now. The kid is bored to tears and spends his time looking up exotic animals and fish for his proposed theme park hes going to call"the Con-Aquarium"

Yesterday he got a call that put a smile on his face, The kids a scrapper, He works hard and likes guys that do the same. His favorite Chicago Black hawks player is Andrew Shaw, Not Kaner, not Hossa, not Sharp. But Shaw, an up and comer who's gonna be a huge star.

Yesterday Andrew called my kid and wished him well on his neck injury and the boys talked it up, He even promised the kid he would get in a fight just for him.

Its cools to have a job that can enable me to do this kind of thing, But my relationship is not with the players its with the media relations office. Shaw did this cuz he was asked, he could have said no, But he didn't. The Black hawks are the gold standard when it come to customer relations. And at the end of the day a kid who is bored out of his mind and scared about a neck injury that almost paralyzed him was on cloud 9.

That's something that money cant buy, That's not how Chicago works. That's how the Hawks work.


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