Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend review!

How ya feeling post St Patricks day? I had a big day with my morning show friends this past Friday, we ran all over town doing a little show bonding. I'm glad that's over, at least till Cico de mayo.

Really it was a pretty light st paddys day due to the fact I had a concert with my youngest on Saturday, All my buddies were drunk face booking and partying in the city or from spring break. But I was hanging with my Boy and The Gina watching the Bataan city choir. It was actually very cool. They brought in some big shot conductor from Fort Worth to lead the kids. Not sure why they did that but he did a great job.

The movie pick of the week was the Wonderful Life of Burt Wonderstone. Didn't do crap at the box office but My kid imitated it all weekend long. The movie was insane, Steve Carell was spot on, Steve Bucemi, a always was a train wreck, Jim Carrey was insane, and Olivia Wilde is perfect. Not sure of the guy that played Rance Holloway but he stole the show. Perhaps its my integenmce level but I thought it was great.

It was my fist weekend in a long time with out some type of snowmobile activity involved, It was kind of nice not being in the truck for 6 hours, Next week looks like the weather will hold and I will take a week off with my kids and we will head north to hang with Grandma and Grampa. One of these days we will go somewhere warm. The plans for anything fun were sidelined by my boys neck injury.

Have a good week.


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