Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thank God this will only happen once in a Lifetime!

So if ya know me you know I try and workout, stay in shape even at the advanced age of 32. Some years ago I joined Lifetime fitness for the winter months when I cant ride the bike and when my basement gym just is not enough.

I was a member since 2008 than I went to work out at the Burr Ridge location and I was told I was not allowed at that location due to the fact it was a "Gold Location" and I was a "Silver member".

Now understand that since I had joined there had been many offers for new members to join for considerably less than I was paying, Oh well, Big deal few bucks who cares. But if you have ever been to a lifetime location you quickly find out its for the fitness beginners, Or for that over tanned suburban mom who loves her spandex two sizes to small. Talking on the phone, and anywhere you can get your hair "did" ain't any place I need to work out.

Now as you may Imagine after they tell me I cant work out, I say....You know out of all the people you want to play gym cop with I may not be the guy. I work with a company that has the attention of a few people....They don't care and tell me that for 40.00 more a month a can be included at every one of their gyms......Well ya know that went over like a lead balloon.

Well I quit the wal-mart of fitness, But I guess I didn't quit the right way and they wanted me to pay them for three months although I hadn't been in their club for 3 months. the following is the e-mail chain.

We have recently tried to contact you to resolve the past due balance of $188.85 owing on your membership. We will be reaching out to you again by phone as your balance is over 90 days past due and is subject to further collection action. Because we understand this may be a simple oversight on your part, or that life circumstances may have occurred, we have not charged any late fees or penalties at this time. If needed, you can also put your membership on hold or create a payment plan.

This needs to be taken care of by Monday, March 11th or we will pursue further collection.

As you know this is not an oversight I spoke with your customer relations represenitive from the Minneapolis office on 12-5-12 the same day I was told I could not work out at your Burr Ridge location.

You have this on Record, You also are aware of this as you are privy to the e-mail chain.

Your also aware that I have not been in your gym since 12-5-12 you know this because my card has not scanned me into any location.

I do not have a contract with you.

I will be forwarding this to my attorney.

This would not have been an issue if I had not been treated the way I have constantly treated by your staff.

Ray Stevens
Not sure whats going on with my font as I type, But I was called yesterday afternoon and told that life time has decided to not charge me, And they are sorry for any inconvenience. Nice.
Perfect PR for the perfect morons.




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