Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Affection Camel

I kid with my little one that shes the "Affection Camel" Meaning that she seldom will  love on her dad.

Shes all about her mom, and I'm cool with that. Last week after our little snowstorm me and the Cass were out in the yard building a snowman and woman.

Than after we sculpted our works of art the next step was an all on snowball fight, Of course that means she gets to hide and I get a full on pelting. It was a fun winters evening some thing we haven't had an abundance of lately.

Than out of nowhere it came the elusive hug from the baby girl. It was one of those hey "we just shared a moment hugs". Usually playtime is overwhelmed by my uber-son who's a lunatic and takes over any social situation. However Conner is nursing a serious neck injury from wrestling and he's pretty much sidelined for the next two months.

That leaves he door open for the little one to be the one that's wrestling and goofing off, And who knows out of the blue, there may be a long awaited hug for her dad lurking in the mix of snowballs and the building of snowmen.

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