Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Congratulations WVON, 50 years as the "Voice"

In radio things don't last, Its amazing when they do! For 50 years WVON, "The Voice of the Negro" has been empowering in Chicago!

Think about that for a second, 50 years not as a country station, Not as a pop station, But as a talk- R&B station that served and still serves Chicago's Black community with class.

This weekend there will be a bash at the Congress theater, and a party at the Alhambra on Randolph. One of the best things that WVON gave Chicago was Herb Kent, When I first heard Herb as a kid in the Chicago Burbs I was floored by how cool he was, Hence the nick name, Herb Kent "The cool Gent"

Herb still does weekend work on V-103, Hes in his 70s and still has every bit of soul he did back then. I know it may seem crazy for a white kid from West Chicago to have listened to this station back in the day but I did, and I still do. I even used to call the old GM of WGCI and say "Elroy, You have to hire me" (he never did)Thing is when your a radio rat you just love radio and you appreciate the ones that do it well.

To WVON happy anniversary, To Herb thanks for the autograph you sent me last year. It goes to show that if you do anything the right way it will last! congratulations!


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