Thursday, April 25, 2013

Go Pack Go?, And Tori Kelli? Wow!

So Tuesday night My oldest and I head out to Lincoln Hall to see a up and coming artist named Tori Kelli, (Who's awesome by the way!)

When we get to Lincoln Hall to see the show and I'm greeted by a very nice man who introduces himself as "Randall" He asks me how I know KT, I say I don't but my daughter loves her.

After a few minutes, I realise that this guys a stud, and so is the guy with him. His buddies name was DJ, again I'm just out with my kid and its nice to meet cool people.

Turns out that both these guys play for the hated Green Bay Packers,  (Randall Cobb, and DJ Williams)Come to think of it he (Cobb) returned a punt for a touchdown last season against my Chicago Bears. I bring this up and he just smiles and says, Yeah that was pretty cool!

You hear allot of stereotypes when it comes to pro players or celebrity's, and I have to tell you you couldn't have met two nicer guys.

After all Pro Football and rivalry's are not what they used to be, who know next year these guys could be playing for the Bears. We no longer cheer for the players we just cheer for the uniform that seems to have different players in them every year.

As far as these guys go I honestly will have a hard time cheering against them, They even invited me to be their Guest in GB next year, Something I just couldn't pull myself to do. But non the less I will pull for them. To get to that level take so much skill and hard work that it boggles the mind. and to see how these guys roll in public was refreshing.

As far as the Tori Kelli show, Wow she is simply the most amazing new voice in music. Period. Google her, Listen to her stuff. She would make Jewel wish she could sing like that. Yes she is that good!


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