Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And that is why God Created a farmer........

It will come as no Surprise that I'm crazy about my kids, Each is unique in their own way, from sports to song they are as good as it gets.

The one that is starting to make her way in the world is Cheyenne Rose.

She's my singer, She's my baby." My girl , My whole world, But  that ain't my truck" The latter of those word's are from a song called 'that ain't my truck by Rhett Akins".

The truck she's in belongs to the T hammer, Or Trevor, He's her boyfriend. She loves the kid. The kid loves her. Today on our Lisa and Ray Facebook page we posted a shirt that said all the BS that dads are supposed to say to scare their daughters boyfriends. Do any of these things and your not only a tool, But your daughter will hate you. How about this raise your kid right, and you wont have to worry......And here's the shocker, I don't worry about her.

The kid is a farmers son, And that's a good thing. I race sleds with the Miller boys, Farmers, I race with the Goodwin's, yep, Farmers, and I worked as a teenager on the Lockert farm in Hanover Illinois where we showed Charlois Cattle. And one thing I know for a fact is farmers are as good as it gets.

At some point you need to realize that baby's growing up and the best you can hope for is that the world will treat her well.Not unlike the day you put her on that school bus. theres going to be pain, good days and bad. You just hope there are more "Good days" and that goes for life and love.

You trust that this kid's mom and dad raised him the way you raised her, He's good to her. She's good to him. And I'm actually looking forward to his grad party, where I'm going  to meet his grandpa and talk vintage tractors. I have met his mom and dad, They raised a good boy. He's  proud of where he comes from. Wears his pants the right way, and his ball cap is never tipped. Not a suburban kid who thinks he's a gangster.

Good manners, Hard working, Loves his grandpa and my daughter. My daughter is my world, This kid is in it.

And that is why God created a farmer.