Friday, June 21, 2013

On the First day of Summer you cant beat the heat. Go Hawks, And Father Pfleger.

"Ya know one thing I think its a bummer , I ain't ever gonna beat this summer with you" Welcome to Summer, What an awesome morning in Chicago. Everyday on my way in I stop at Monroe and the lakefront and look at the Sunrise. It used to be I would go to sleep as the sun comes up. But for the better part of two decades I have seen it come up, Enjoy the summer, Enjoy the ride. I have had many a good summers and one thing I have learned is they just keep getting better.

On July 21st a Sunday I will jump on a bike and ride with my US99.5 listeners and the regular cast of lunatics I hang out with and raise money for the Pediatric brain tumor foundation. The ride will start at Neilson Enterprises in Lake Villa than from there we will join the ride in Elgin. There will be tons of giveaways, But most of all we will be "Doin' good in the hood" For details call 847-356-3000.

Lets go Hawks, This Saturday night I will be up north fishing with may dad. Yes we will catch the game, Some of my friends are like "You have to go to the game" How many times will we see the Hawks in the Cup? Conversely how many more fishing days to me and my pops have? We will watch the boys win game 5. I have no doubt.

Finally, I'm somewhat of an agitator, But one thing about me is I will always help those that need it, I believe in helping kids, Dogs, and those that have worn a uniform so we can be free. Its not too hard to figure out that I lean a little to the right. But really I'm right down the middle like most Americans.

To think that controlling guns will stop crime is putting your head in the sand, Gang bangers are not going down to the local sport store to get a FOID card. I believe in my right to keep and bare arms. I hunt, I teach my kid gun safety, and yes I'm a member of the NRA.

Now with that said we have an epidemic of killing young Black men in Chicago. It needs to stop. And if you not from here you may not know the guy that is at the forefront of trying to solve this problem. His name is Father Michael Pfleger, a controversial figure in the Catholic church. Only controversial because he does it his way. And he never backs down. Tonight he will host "Occupy the Streets For Peace" at 7pm"

Now most that read this don't have the Nads to go to this hood, and you really cant blame them. But here is a White Priest that takes no crap, His mission to serve his parishioners and save young men's life's. Perhaps we should grow a set, and help him! we simply need to do something. Closing schools, and turning our heads wont help.

Enjoy summer go Hawks, and say a prayer for the kids for these kids in the inner city, say one for Father Pfleger he could use it!


Oh yeah You cant beat the Heat. Congrats to Miami.

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