Thursday, June 6, 2013

C'mon now Wisconsin, we hope you'll take a joke!

Cuz if it weren't for us in in Illinois your state would just go broke....... That was a line from a song one of my radio hero's wrote a long time ago (Johnny B).

Those were the old days when this state had money, Stop and think about that for a second. This state, the great state of Illinois is broke, we cant get the state assembly to find a way out of our fiscal or pension mess because Mike Madigan cant be reached? He has no cell phone? What a crock of sh!t.

Here's a guy who is the most powerful man in the state, who runs every politician, Dem Or Republican out of his pocket, In this state. and he cant be reached by cell phone?

were closing schools in the toughest neighborhoods in the city, where the poor get poorer, and the kids keep getting shot every day on the way home from the soon to be closed schools.

Then we see that Mayor Rahm is building a new arena new Mc Cormick place, to boast the powerhouse DePaul blue demons basketball team. News flash no one will show up to see these kids play ball, and it wont make money,.... here's why. College kids don't generally have a lot of money to spend , Even rich DePaul kids. Oh and the boosters of De Paul ball, usually live on the North shore and wont travel to the south side to see a lame team, and when they do they usually watch the Bears.

Guess who will pay for this when the new McCormick place arena doesn't  make the allotted money? that's Right you and me.

But who will get the jobs when the construction starts? Keep your eyes open it will be the constituent's of the Mike Madigan,... see how this all works? How do we have the money to build stuff we cant afford?

I just paid a tax bill on a modest house in Kane county, the 6 month bill? 6 grand. How is it possible that you and I continue to pay tolls, taxes, and exorbitant gas prices yet we as a state are broke?

How can Mike Madigan look at himself in a mirror? This is his sh!t mess, and he continues to be elected by a small group in his district, and continues his strangle hold on this state.

Say what you want about our Governors that have been to jail, When Rod writes his book I hope he names names because he was a fall guy.

Hard to believe that when its all said and done that Rod Ba-gone-to jail-a- vitch will be probably look like a saint.

Today be sure of these things, Rahm will continue to tell the Ricketts they cant update their own property with their own money. Yet he will take our money  to build a arena we don't need. Makes sense don't it.

And some where today Mike Madigan and his daughter Lisa want to do what's right for our state, but she's to busy putting a gun law that was PASSED through our legislators. on hold because she disagrees with it. We could call mike and see where his head is at on pension reform, But we cant find him....He has no cell phone.

Wisconsin we are sorry you have to share a border with this state.

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