Friday, June 7, 2013

Fork in the Eye, Harly vs deer, Stage 3, Just beer me

Yesterday was a long day, The night before I was out late at the Charles Tillman bowling event for his Cornerstone foundation charity. For some reason staying out with a group of boys till 1 am seems like a great idea....Till 4am rolls around. that's how you get old fast in this business.

So I take a nap, I always try to grab an hour of sleep, then I cringe when I see the text messages, or phone calls that have been volleyed at my smart phone.

Yesterday was a banner day, 21 texts, 15 calls in two hours.

Hi Ray its mom,....your cousin Jim hit a deer on his Harley. He's being air lifted to Marshfield, called me. And why don't you ever answer your phone?

Text from my friend Crazy Eddie Kling, Ray (our old school pals name here) Has Stage Three Brest cancer call me.

Text Three, and this one is from the one I'm closest too. Ray "Say a prayer for my  Charlie he's in eye surgery right now-broke a fork at lunch and a piece punctured his eye. The only thing that claimed him down because he may lose his sight in that eye was when I told him about Jim McMahon  and how it didn't slow him down, and how he became a pro football player.

That was from Trish Biondo, when ever there's something bad in the world it seems her husband is out of town, and I was very calm when I told her that I had a guy and that if she needed anything to just call.

Her Boy is so cute, just the other day we were talking about her little man, Who I can tell has a wild side which I think is our connection, (last year at my kids graduation party I let him drive my go-kart he rammed it into a neighbors car) she told me how her little boy was the man she was destin to one day meet. I thought that was one of the cutest things I have ever heard from a mom extolling the love of her child.

Without giving out too much info I think he's gonna be fine, Just need a few days to make sure the surgery was a success.

Yesterday was a stark reminder that were not in control, We think we are but we are not. I do a lot of things that put me in risk category from mountain biking, Racing sleds, Riding Motorcycles, You never think anything can happen. Yesterday my phone told me otherwise.

Have a great weekend, Stay safe.....time for a beer.


  1. Ray -

    I'm an avid fan. A fan of you, your show, country music, the Hawks, the Bears, the Bulls, the Sox, the Cubs...and Chicago in general!

    This post hits pretty close to home as of late.

    Memorial Day Weekend is when I got my wake-up call. My fiance, Taylor, was in a horrible ATV accident. He and his friend were air lifted to a hospital in Madison, WI.

    After receiving 14 staples in his head, he is now on the mend. His friend suffered 5 fractures to the face. He has a metal plate in his jaw and it is still currently wired shut. But he will be just fine as well. They will both fully recover.

    Since the accident, we found out that my fiance's union insurance won't cover any of his medical expenses. Which is a big blow considering we are set to get married in September "up dere nort" in Wisconsin. BUT! All of that doesn't matter because he is alive and well and I still get to marry the love of my life. I'm not much of a religious person, but must say that I do believe something was looking out for him that day, because it could have been a lot worse. I'm beyond grateful and thankful to still have my two meatheads alive and kicking!

    I guess my reason for writing is because you are right. Anything can happen. We are not in control. All we can do is be thankful for everything we have and not take things for granted. That's part of what I love about you. You have a good time, enjoy life and love your family.

    Also, GO HAWKS!!!! You hit the nail on the head when you said that this city needs this! Needs great things to happen!

    Have a great day, Ray!

    Mariel Thompson

    PS - Both of them are also West Chicago High School Alum (Taylor even went to Benjamin) - they always brag about you being an Alum as well! :) Also, you, Lisa and both of your families are invited to the wedding September 21st in Spring Green, WI! :) :) :) OHHH AND your daughter has an amazing voice! I heard her sing the National Anthem! Congratulations! You must be so proud!

  2. Hi Ray,

    I listen to you & Lisa every morning. You guys make my mornings @ work go by quickly. I love hearing your stories & your banter!

    I can also attest to knowing anything can happen at anytime! Overall I am in pretty good health. I like to go walking on my lunch break & go biking when I am not busy working. I work 2 jobs. The part time job has been working me long hours on the weekends. I went into work about 2 weeks ago on a Sunday. I was feeling tired after working a long day on Sat. & then going out to a friends house to celebrate a double graduation/anniversary party. About 2 hours into my shift, I felt faint. Then down I went. It turned out that I did not just pass out, but I found out a bit later once I was in the hospital that I went into cardiac arrest. Had it not been for some quick response from my boyfriend, who also works with me & another woman whom both did CPR till the paramedics got there, I would not be here today. Once I was admitted to the hospital, stabilized & all the tests run, it was determined that I needed to have a defibrillator surgically implanted. It's kind of a scary thing to face & not something I ever thought would happen to me at 48, but I know it will be for the better. I know my friends & family are there right beside me. Never take anything for granted. You have a great spirit Ray, & I know that your kids will always look up to you like you look up to your dad! Have a fantastic Father's Day!